The Principality of Handley Green lies amidst the green fields and urban sprawl of England. Ruled by the hereditary Princess, males are excluded from the succession, it is not subject to the laws of England or subservient to the other monarch in this island. Indeed Handley Green is still officially at war with the Queen of England who is considered to be an upstart French claimant to the male Handley line's kingdom.

Tourism, railways and sheep stealing are the main stays of the economy and Handley Green has been a beacon for the arts since 528 CE. when Igor the executioner introduced his headless ballet to a startled crowd at the execution of Gwyn the foolish. Handley Green is internationally famous for it's superb architecture, indeed many buildings around the world have a startling resemblance to sites in the principality.

As this site grows it is hoped that visitors will be engaged by the history and sights of Handley Green and will choose to visit and perhaps graze their sheep on our pleasant pastures green. Indeed I beg you to do so as Princess Natasha informs me that if this site is not a success I can look forward to being the star at a re-enactment of Igor's headless ballet.

What's in a name?

There is great debate about the origin of the name Handley Green. The Royal family has the name of Handley. But did they take it from the place or the place from them? Professor Witless of Handley Green University believes that Handley Green is derived from the old English 'hefli grennes'. Translated as handy green, formalised to Handley Green in the medieval period. This does seem to tie in with the oral legend handed down through the ages that Natasha I first words on reaching the area, spoken to her trusted war band, were "This looks like a handy place for a picnic lads."

Updated 09 02 2009.